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 ECE Tower Render


The Future Proposal of Eco-City-Experimental Tower seeks to be an innovator urban model which opens new alternatives for the urban, social and technological development of this Century cities. Socially speaking, ECE Tower is a bet for future in order to improve essentially the urban habitat in new developments in our cities.

 We have looked for a humanized habitat development integrated with nature and with social-technological progress in our future cities. In order to reach that, using as a model the agricultural one of irrigated land which generates huge circle plots in the territory, we try to occupy with construction a little part of the new colonized areas, leaving huge green spaces free from any kind of building. In no case, the maximum building area would be over 10.000 square meters of residential-offices construction per each hectare occupied. Each circle has a radius of 89’21 meters and an area of 2’5 Ha: it has 25.000 square meters of residential-offices construction.

 This circular area avoids to build a construction 178’42 meters closer to the next one.

The use of the building is mixed (residential and offices), sheltering up to 168 housings of three bedrooms, distributed in twenty four floors. 

Technology helps us vertically growing up with a maximum exploitation, minimizing the occupied area with structure, elevators, facilities pipes, etc..  

ECE Complex Tower is made up to eight groups of three floors each one, with a height of 12 meters, sharing in one of the eighths in which is divided the elliptical floor a vertical-garden (this is the way in which the lower green area is incorporated into the building)  which is 12 meters high, helicoidally rotating at every eighth of the ellipse. 

The emergency stair goes over this spiral around the building, connecting the different gardens and providing more structural stability to the complex.

 The biggest size floor is the floor number 11 (+44 level) with 46’39 x 34’88 meters.

The upper floors are finished of complex systems of telecommunications which are completed with offices with privileged views.

 ECE Tower façade has a dynamic behavior basic for its resistant and climatic stability. There are two façades, one interior which shall be designed and organized by the user of the house/office, and another one exterior, which works as a “transpiring skin” allowing light and natural air into the building. The exterior façade has a huge versatility, as for its collaboration as a resistant and flexible element, as for its capacity to offer multiple climatic solutions: solar cell devices, solar control, etc.

 The level 0 floor is under a dome with the commercial and leisure area. The two ground level floors of the complex, as the level 0 floor, work as a foundation system distributing the stresses. At the same time they are used for parking, with 208 car parking places. 

Eco-City-Experimental Tower Construction Project is actually being developed in order to build the first Prototype in a small town (La Roda) in “La Mancha” (Don Quixote land).